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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Outdoors Card

Outdoors Card; yes currently in Ontario anyone wanting to fish or hunt must obtain an Outdoors Card. Why restrict it to just people who hunt and fish? Why not include anyone who utilizes the resource; ATV users, boat users, sea doo users, hikers, campers, and the list goes on. Now don't get too excited yet.......the thought is this; Our Natural Resources are being managed, well ok, thats a topic for further discussion. We all hear it, our funding has been cut, we don't have the staff, our club can't get the funding we used to receive in the past, our members can only volunteer so much. Let me continue; if all users were required to carry a valid "Outdoors Card" and an additional $5 was added to the cost of issuing the card. The total amount collected from the additional $5 from all cards issued in a given year would be made available to Registered Clubs/Organizations, Municipalities, Conservation Authorities in the following year. These organizations would have to apply for projects/money, under a well structured process; yet not too "bogged down in administration". Allocations would be divided based on the impact/net improvement to the resource. Let's face it if these clubs/organizations/municipalities/Conservation Authorities had this money available to them, it would make a dramatic improvement in their ability to maintain "Our Natural Resources" within their local area. Let's face it if "We"as users of the resource don't start to stand up and be counted and come up with a way to get the work done, the government isn't going to do it. The number of technicians out in the field today is a fraction of what it was prior to the massive cuts to the Ministry of Natural Resources in the 80's and 90's. In doing it in this way the total amount available would be known; no possibiltiy of over/under budgeting and "We", "All Users", of "The Resource" ........Will Get The Job Done!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Want your Ontario Outdoor video featured on our website?

If you have a video showing you, your family or friends enjoying the Outdoors in Ontario, submit an email to us at outdoorsontario@gmail.com please only include a link to your Utube video; we will review it and if the content is suitable for all viewers we may feature it on our site. We thank all of you who submit videos and can't promise we will link to your video. There are thousands of home videos on Utube featuring people fishing, hiking, hunting, boating and in general enjoying the Outdoors in Ontario and it's impossible for us to feature each and every one. So we thank all of you who send us your links.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Have a suggestion?

Post your comments here and we'll see if we can accomodate your request.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Garmin GPS 60CSX

This to me is the best GPS on the market for the outdoor enthusiast. I had used numerous GPS units in the past, but this one is the best. It has the latest in technology, tracks under a canopy, locks into satellites quickly and accuracy is the best i have found, it also has a barometer, altimeter, and fish & game tables. I shopped around and found the best price was from GPS City out of Calgary, they had the best price and the unit came with a 1gb card along with the 64 mb card that comes in the unit this allows you to save maps. I ordered the unit and had it shipped to me, had it in my hands and using it within three days of ordering. They provided excellent service and nobody could match there prices. The unit total cost including shipping was$434.09 and came with a mail in rebate for $50.00. Walmart nor Canadian tire or anywhere else could match the price plus I got the 1gb card. Fantastic unit!!!!!!!

Have a great Fishing experience?

Tell us all about it.....when, where, how big, who.......

Have a great hunting story.....

This ten point fell to the co-ordination of two cross bow bolts fired at the same time. Grandfather and grandson on 3.....1,2,3...........perfect shots! Way to go, memories that last a life time, I can think of no better way to share a hunting experience.

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