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Monday, December 10, 2007

Garmin GPS 60CSX

This to me is the best GPS on the market for the outdoor enthusiast. I had used numerous GPS units in the past, but this one is the best. It has the latest in technology, tracks under a canopy, locks into satellites quickly and accuracy is the best i have found, it also has a barometer, altimeter, and fish & game tables. I shopped around and found the best price was from GPS City out of Calgary, they had the best price and the unit came with a 1gb card along with the 64 mb card that comes in the unit this allows you to save maps. I ordered the unit and had it shipped to me, had it in my hands and using it within three days of ordering. They provided excellent service and nobody could match there prices. The unit total cost including shipping was$434.09 and came with a mail in rebate for $50.00. Walmart nor Canadian tire or anywhere else could match the price plus I got the 1gb card. Fantastic unit!!!!!!!


tracker said...

I also bought a unit through GPS City and agree that you won't find a better price, fantastic service, and a fantastic GPS unit.

John said...

This unit has come down in price at GPS City to $389.00....and will probably continue to come down

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