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Monday, January 21, 2008

Suggestion for Mayor Miller

Let's ban all baseball bats, knives, hockey sticks, tire irons, golf clubs......oh and amputate every ones hands. Why? Well Mr. Miller all of these have killed people......needlessly and for no really good reason. I think its absolutely necessary to protect all the people who live in your "Safe City" from further potential personal harm. This is just an attempt to show you how ludicrous your thoughts of banning all handguns/guns in Canada. How many people get stabbed in Toronto on any given day? How many of them die? Do you call for all knives to be banned? Deal with the real problem...........


Othmar Vohringer said...

Good post and suggestions for Miller. Did you know that in England the knife has replaced the gun. I have lived in England and it is so dangerous that even during daytime people are wary to go near bushes in parks or to the underground train stations. Most homicides that are the result of domestic disputes are carried out with kitchen knives. Perhaps they should be outlawed too.

I am always highly suspicious when a government or politicians try to make our lives safer. I have seen where that can lead in the 70’s when I lived in Russia and in China under Mao. These countries were save alright but the people were also all transformed into little mindless robots with out mind of their own that only acted when they were told to do so. Given this option I rather live with certain risks involved.


admin said...

Here's some stats for anyone wondering what the issues are.....


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