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Friday, February 15, 2008

Slot Sizes ....?????

This is a comical recollection regarding slot sizes. Ok, I've gone out and done it this time, I bought a ($3500) boat. Oh yeh I bought a motor ($1500) ...and trailer ($1000) now for plates ($75) insurance ($250) , tackle, rods, fishfinder, net, oars, safety gear, floater jackets, fishing licence, cooler, gas for truck, docking fees, GPS, add another ($2500)You see where I'm going with this..well you will in a minute. I finally arrive at my destination, been waiting for weeks, launch the boat, go to a nice rock face and start trolling out from shore.......15 minutes first Lake Trout, perfect! Well wait a minute..it's in the "Slot Size" can't keep him, oh well maybe the next one.....back he goes. Ok I'm going to keep this brief, this goes on all day long, we catch measure and return to the lake over 15 Lake Trout. Do you think the Ministry knows that 99.9 % of all the fish in the Lake are within the slot size? Of course they do, will the slot size go up next year......of course it will.......does anyone keep fish in the slot size?......of course some people do........do the majority of fish get taken through the ice when the Ministry isn't going to be around checking......of course......Why when anglers contribute so much to the economy and to the resource will government not properly fund the Ministry Of Natural Resources, so that our Lakes and Rivers and our Natural Resources in general be managed properly. Come on, give me a break, I just contributed a lot of money to ensure, government got taxes and licencing, people were employed to manufacture what I bought.............this story has been witten a thousand times......when will government wake up..........probably after its too late, and everyone stops enjoying these sports, because there are no fish and even if you were lucky enough to catch one, you wouldn't be allowed to keep it. Wake up government!

1 comment:

The Truth said...

I saw where you were going with that. That sucks to not be able to keep the fish you catch. I recently bought a Sevylor and love to take it out. It's not as fancy as the one yours sound like but it gets me my fish that I can actually keep.

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