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Friday, February 15, 2008

Specs & Browns

Some of my most memorable moments while fishing were wading through thick cedar swamps in a pair of old sneakers, a pair of shorts, my favorite ball cap and some worms, a few flies and some small spinners in my vest. It's truly amazing the size of fish you can find in a stream that disappears under log jams, or under vegetation. I've even had streams totally disappear and come upon them twenty or thirty feet away. What size of fish you ask........well would you believe Browns in the 1 - 5 lb range in a stream no wider than 2 feet......specs in the 10 inch to 1 1/2 lb range. Most people drive by these types of streams thinking there couldn't be fish in that ditch. I have fished streams in southwestern Ontario some of which lead into the Upper Thames River, branches of the Beatty Saugeen, small streams around Lake Huron, and quite a few around Lake Superior. If you really want to have a ball give it a try sometime. I have fished beaver ponds and small lakes and found unreal specs up to 3 lbs more than willing to snap the rod right out of my hand, I've had browns take a worm so hard, and pull so fast and with such force that I have snapped my ultra light in two .....not to mention that I wasn't expecting that kind of a hit. Unreal moments, unreal fish, and memories......I can't wait til spring...........!!!


kinsey said...

WOW! Those are some kinda fish!

"Most people drive by these types of streams thinking there couldn't be fish in that ditch." You are a fish hunter!

Reminds me of my photography. Many of my most successful outdoor photographs a million people have walked by and never seen. Then when the see the photo they go WOW!

Happy hunting er I mean fishing, come spring!

Kinsey Barnard Photography

Jake's Outdoors said...

That sounds like a blast! I would love to go after browns like that sometime

William Jackson said...

That sounds awesome. In the big city, you can't really ge fish like that. Usually have to tak a trip to get something like that.

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