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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Well I "Experienced" The Toronto Sportsman Show

Well I experienced the Toronto Sportsman Show. Emphasis on "Experienced" I made the mistake of going on Saturday; sitting in bumper to bumper traffic for over an hour to find out the parking lots were full and they were telling people to go to Ontario Place to park.....no signs up of course. Well it was kind of amusing to find out that there were spots available in the lots as people were leaving (blockades up of course) Ya gotta love a four wheel drive.......around the barrier as the ten cars in front of me, pay my $11.00 for parking; to have the attendent not give me my parking slip.....ok walk back and request slip.......attendent full of attitude (Toronto Style).....walk back to truck, then walk into sportsman show.......line up crap!!!!!go around to other entrance, finally no line up. We;re in........finally! Oh I almost forgot, while in line up I got the typical road rage greeting from another driver "You f>>>>ing moron" to which I replied yeh; You Have A Great Day! ...... I can't stand the ignorance of some people on the roads these days. The show was ok, lots of lodges, destinations both within and outside of Ontario. A fair amount of boats, very few trailers, a few quads. As soon as I arrived the first booth I came towas Ron Post Knives whom Ihave boasted about before, I found my trailer great deal, my quad, great deal.......I now have even more to dream about as I didn't purchase a thing. Looked at some kayaks, the deals were nothing so speak of if you know your prices. I know I will be going to suppliers I had checked out prior to the show to do my purchasing. I don't think I'll be going back to another show, the cost of the show for two $32.00, parking $11.00 wasted gas, frustration attitude in line $priceless........

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Mike Walleye said...

I live in Montreal and the best recommendation that I will have when you want to attend a Sportsman Show, take the Friday morning off and you will have a great time with a lot less visitors.

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