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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Does anyone relate to what I'm saying? Yes I have a beagle and she hates bears......loves food...loves food....her nose rules her being! They truly are great dogs if only there was a way to disconnect their nose from their brain. She has been hit/runover by a car, got loose numerous times, got stranded on a stump out on the tide flats surrounded by glacial tide water and had to swim for shore......I'm beginning to think that she has 9 lives. I just recently spoke to someone who informed me that they have owned two beagles one lived to be 21, and one 20 years of age. Being that she is only seven that leaves me 13 more good years of laughs.............cleaning up after her when she gets into the garbage...........and putting up with her snoring, farting and being a putz! Although she tries my patience, one thing i can say is that I have no crumbs anywhere in my house, car or yard. If there was it was eaten within 1.5 milliseconds of hitting the ground. She's the best cooks helper..........drop something....it disapppears. First dog I've known to eat anything and everything................I now have her on the Jenny Craig weight loss diet. All kidding aside she's a great dog.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Time to get the boat out.........

Well I got my quad, put some miles on it, satisifed with it's performance. Now it's time to shift gears; get the boat out, check the tires, grease the hubs, change the gear oil, buy the fishing licence, pull out all the gear and hit the lake. I think to start the season out on the right foot, we'll go for some lakers first. I have my favorite little lake that is long, narrow and offers some nice lakers without having to be out in the wide open water, fighting waves and freezing your >>> off. Early season lakers are usually pretty easy to take. I use a small to medium sized rapala with three large weights. It gets me down to around 20 ft. ; and that's all it takes. I'll post some photos in a week or so.............so you can see if I was successful.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Two young lives lost to hypothermia/drowning

This past long weekend two young men lost their lives in Ontario waters. Everyone who ventures outdoors not only in a boat but even hiking or tenting should know the dangers and techniques to not get into trouble. Wear life jackets, don't take unnecessary risks, don't drink and operate a boat, ATV, or other motor vehicle, and be prepared for emergencies. Our condolences go out to their friends and family.

Monday, May 5, 2008

It Passes The test.so far...

The Suzuki King Quad 450 4x4 is an awesome machine. Good in the mud, good in the water and all with stock tires; it makes you wonder what a set of mudders would do? Hill climbing with two riders, mud bogging, quickness off the start, smooth acceleration.........I can't see much more I would want from a quad. After doing quite a bit of research , looking at the competition and knowing the Suzuki reputation, I finally made my decision.......this was the machine to buy. This is one of the fastest selling machines in 2008. A lot of dealers who usually sell Honda's, Kawasaki's etc. are stocking this model in the dozens....because everyone is wanting them. Especially now with the value of the Canadian dollar price is driving people to the dealerships in droves. Do your research, check out the internet, search for Suzuki King Quad reviews.....I couldn't find any bad complaints. Riding two people is very comfortable due to the independent rear suspension (adjustable), four wheel drive is a snap to engage, just press the button on the right handle bar, if needed there is also a front dif lock. If speed is your thing , off the start to 50 miles per hour doesn't take long and is as fast i will ever need to go........with more power still available.

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