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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Does anyone relate to what I'm saying? Yes I have a beagle and she hates bears......loves food...loves food....her nose rules her being! They truly are great dogs if only there was a way to disconnect their nose from their brain. She has been hit/runover by a car, got loose numerous times, got stranded on a stump out on the tide flats surrounded by glacial tide water and had to swim for shore......I'm beginning to think that she has 9 lives. I just recently spoke to someone who informed me that they have owned two beagles one lived to be 21, and one 20 years of age. Being that she is only seven that leaves me 13 more good years of laughs.............cleaning up after her when she gets into the garbage...........and putting up with her snoring, farting and being a putz! Although she tries my patience, one thing i can say is that I have no crumbs anywhere in my house, car or yard. If there was it was eaten within 1.5 milliseconds of hitting the ground. She's the best cooks helper..........drop something....it disapppears. First dog I've known to eat anything and everything................I now have her on the Jenny Craig weight loss diet. All kidding aside she's a great dog.


Mungo said...

Oh I know exactly what you are talking about. Ours is a 4 year old beagle. He eats and is also on a diet. Drop anything and it vanishes instantly from the floor, from the lawn, from your hand.



Anonymous said...

She looks like a sweetheart. Also, cleaning the floor is part of a dog's job. If they do it, you don't have to.

ankur said...

beagle is really a good breed.. but too costly

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