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Monday, May 26, 2008

Time to get the boat out.........

Well I got my quad, put some miles on it, satisifed with it's performance. Now it's time to shift gears; get the boat out, check the tires, grease the hubs, change the gear oil, buy the fishing licence, pull out all the gear and hit the lake. I think to start the season out on the right foot, we'll go for some lakers first. I have my favorite little lake that is long, narrow and offers some nice lakers without having to be out in the wide open water, fighting waves and freezing your >>> off. Early season lakers are usually pretty easy to take. I use a small to medium sized rapala with three large weights. It gets me down to around 20 ft. ; and that's all it takes. I'll post some photos in a week or so.............so you can see if I was successful.

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