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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Army shirts,coats,boots & more............

A new website offering military surplus for your outdoor endeavors. Excellent service, quality of garments is good to excellent and prices are really good. Located out of Toronto, check them out! They are constantly updating their inventory.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Late Season Deer

I've been out quite a bit since we've started receiving snow and noticed large scrapes........very large tracks in those scrapes..which leads to "Really Big Bucks" My favorite time to go out deer hunting is after the gun hunt, especially if its actively snowing. The Big Boys are on the move and their senses aren't quite as quick as usual. I've observed more large bucks during weather like this and at this time of year over any other time. So I guess it's time I strike off to my favorite hunting spot......I'll let you know if I catch up to one of the "Big Boys"

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Big City Oshawa Buck

The ability for White tail deer to adapt to our cities and developed areas is amazing. The valleys and green spaces left within our residential and industrial areas provides all the habitat necessary for deer like this to survive and flourish. This photo was taken outside of our office which sits south of Bloor Street, south of the 401 in south Oshawa (Oshawa Creek valley) This is nice to see, however when wildlife populations start to grow and their numbers begin to rise, vehicle/animal crashes go up, deer jumping through windows in businesses and dwellings, and people walking the trail systems encountering animals. Not all people realize that deer, coyotes, bears, moose and other animals they may encounter especially during the breeding season can pose a serious threat/safety concern. If you do encounter animals on trails or in green spaces you should never approach them and definately don't feed them. They are amazing to observe and photograph.......enjoy our greenspaces.

Don't have to wander to far....to shoot a moose

There's one good thing about being a little older when moose hunting. That being you spend less time in the bush and more time sitting in your favorite chair by the fire. This was an actual experience during the 2008 moose hunt in Ontario. My father and a friend of his went out early opening day of the moose hunt.......returning to the house for coffee and a rest. Early in the afternoon my fathers friend decided he wanted a drink of pop, so he opened the back door of the house stepped out on the porch; looked up and 40 yards from the house ........there stood a bull. Very calmly he turned , walked back into the house and said, "Someone should get a gun and shoot that bull moose standing behind the house." So my father got up picked up his 32 special, loaded two shells stepped out on the porch and dropped it. Hunt complete........ya gotta love it!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

As Told by the hunter ....First Bear.........

I was sitting on my watch listening to the dog run a deer and listening to the other hunters on the radio. As I looked around I saw a bear come from the woods. It was instant, I took the safety off and I raised the gun. I took the first shot as he stepped around the tree, I missed. Then he ran 25 yards and got his front to paws on a log and stood up to see where the shot come from; I then shot him between the 2 front shoulders. He went to run away and I shot again, missing the 3rd shot. He ran about 30 yards up a hill then rolled down about 15 yards.

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