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Saturday, November 8, 2008

As Told by the hunter ....First Bear.........

I was sitting on my watch listening to the dog run a deer and listening to the other hunters on the radio. As I looked around I saw a bear come from the woods. It was instant, I took the safety off and I raised the gun. I took the first shot as he stepped around the tree, I missed. Then he ran 25 yards and got his front to paws on a log and stood up to see where the shot come from; I then shot him between the 2 front shoulders. He went to run away and I shot again, missing the 3rd shot. He ran about 30 yards up a hill then rolled down about 15 yards.

1 comment:

Tom Sorenson said...

Awesome! Nice job on your first bear!! Congrats to the hunter - that's something I can't claim to have done, yet!

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