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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Big City Oshawa Buck

The ability for White tail deer to adapt to our cities and developed areas is amazing. The valleys and green spaces left within our residential and industrial areas provides all the habitat necessary for deer like this to survive and flourish. This photo was taken outside of our office which sits south of Bloor Street, south of the 401 in south Oshawa (Oshawa Creek valley) This is nice to see, however when wildlife populations start to grow and their numbers begin to rise, vehicle/animal crashes go up, deer jumping through windows in businesses and dwellings, and people walking the trail systems encountering animals. Not all people realize that deer, coyotes, bears, moose and other animals they may encounter especially during the breeding season can pose a serious threat/safety concern. If you do encounter animals on trails or in green spaces you should never approach them and definately don't feed them. They are amazing to observe and photograph.......enjoy our greenspaces.

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