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Monday, December 1, 2008

Vote of No Confidence

The latest political BS coming from Ottawa. Do you believe it...............? This isn't really the forum, but I had to speak up, The Liberals, NDP and Bloc think they can do a better job than Prime Minister Harper. Give your flippin head a shake boys...........I hope you picked up the paper and observed the first reaction from the stock markets. Didn't we just have an election and Harper got back in with a slightly higher minority than last time. You try and pull this crap and we'll all be using pesos and standing in bread lines. This kind of crap iritates the shit out of me. I say hold another election, and we'll put Harper in with a MAJORITY..........its not up to the leaders of the opposition as to who is going to Govern this Country it's up to the people..............so if you want to take your vote, send us back to the polls. That is if you want to risk Harper taking a majority vote this time.

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