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Monday, January 19, 2009

Cotton Tail Hunting

This is something I haven't done in years; many years. Many fond memories of my dog and I out on a cold January day, jumping on brush piles and kicking bundles of fence wire; usually always presently surprised to hear my dog yipping with excitement as he chased the rabbit out and around and back in front of me. Maybe its time to go out and get a couple of bunnies and make a good batch of rabbit stew.........

Friday, January 16, 2009

Turkeys In The Winter

Driving home from work today I turned off highway 35 north of Pontypool and looked down the embankment beside the road along a field of corn that hadn't been harvested and noticed a flock of about 30 birds. The temperature with the wind chill was about -25c. It just goes to prove how hearty these birds are, and how well they have adapted. I also noticed quite a few other tracks along the field and through the adjacent bush; at first I thought it was cattle tracks. Upon closer inspection I discovered that there was quite an abundance of deer also feeding off this field of standing corn. Short drives , not far from home on cold days , can reveal some good spots for next season. I'll definitely remember this spot.

Coyote Hunting

This time of year can be a great time to do some Coyote hunting. With the colder temperatures, coyotes will be on the prowl looking for rabbits and anything else they can get there chops on. Living on the outskirts of town, I have had them within 50 yards of my house howling, yipping and carrying on like its a party. Just down the road a local farmer has had them after his sheep on numerous occasions. Their numbers are definately on the rise locally and with a decrease in hunting pressure, they are flourishing. Be sure to check the hunting regulations and your local municipal bylaws before
heading out.

Ice Fishing Ontario

Well it's definitely that time of year when we've all spent a little too much time around the house. The temperatures are definitely cold enough and besides what better way to spend some time with the kids in a nice warm ice hut catching some fish, and making memories. If you click on the title it will take you to a website that lists Ice Hut Operators for different areas of the Province. Check it out and let us know about your trip.

Cobra 45km Camouflage GMRS

If you are considering purchasing a set of these rechargeable "45 kilometre range " walkie talkies........be prepared to only be able to reach a maximum range of maybe 4 to 5 kilometres. Although you may get a little better distance than the smaller units.........these by no means will reach 45 kilometres. I purchased a pair and tried them out, to find out that I couldn't reach more than 3 kilometres. So unless you are looking for no more than 2 to 5 kilometres; you'll have to spend a lot more then $130.00. I took my set back and got a full refund.

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