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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Species At Risk

I just realized that I have discovered a "Species At Risk" ...........It's called the "True Canadian Outdoorsman" ..........you know the one who knows the bush, doesn't get lost, knows how to use a compass, saves his own ass in a bad situation. Can shoot a "gun" (oh bad word around Toronto), catch a "Fish" well if he can find any.................since the Ministry has pretty much stopped any stocking programs....including private clubs who are trying their best to make up for what the Ministry of Natural Resources doesn't do. You know....the kind of person that pretty much discovered, mapped and navigated this country. Ah.......such a breed they were........it's truly too bad they are so close to extinction. I haven't read any new Policies that the Government has developed to ensure they don't become extinct. I wonder if the Government has any DNA samples ........you know so if they ever happen along one they're not sure of..........they could always get some hair samples from a hair snare and you know acknowledge that they do exist in Ontario. Oh yeh, I forgot then they would have to develop a Policy to "manage" us...............lmao. Doesn't it just make you laugh your ass off............."Species at Risk" Let's just put it all into perspective...........Reality..........Common Sense.........disappearing terms.......

Monday, April 27, 2009

Black Bears....Bears....Bear Management

Ok, people this is the way I see it; the Ministry of Natural Resources must be marching to the tune of tree huggers. I have worked in North Western BC with Black bears, and Grizzlies. The only person who would for one instant think that the current bear management policy for Ontario is a good one , has shit for brains. It will only be a matter of time; short time before some politicians son, wife, daughter, or other relative gets mauled, killed and possibly eatin before Bear Management Policy in this Province changes. There are more bears in the province of Ontario than the Ministry realizes, will acknowledge or really cares. We own 500 acres and have for over 30 years; in that time we have never seen a bear; well until the last ten...........now there presence is a common occurrence. In 5 square miles last year 13 bears were harvested during the bear hunt. This didn't include the bears that were passed up, or that were not counted as all tags had been filled. Now lets talk about Bears in southern Ontario.....deep south.........Oshawa, Pickering, Omemee (looking in the school windows during school) oh yeh.............perfect! Now onto the Ministry......lets' hire Bear Management Technicians for 5 month's a year to "educate" people how to "Live With" and "Accept" bears in their backyards. Give your flippin head a shake.............A friend of mine lived down a dead end road........his children were 5 & 10 , the school board decided to save money and required his children to walk down a road 1.5 kilometres to catch the school bus. All in the name of saving the school board money....$800,000 in total for making kids in the country walk to catch a bus that used to pick them up at the door. This decision was made with full knowledge that a bear had killed a steer the year before just down the road from his house (confirmed by the Ministry of Natural Resources) and after being informed that a sow and two cubs had been spotted on the road recently. The School Boards response was to send a Conservation Officer to explain to the children if they saw a bear to back away, and gave them a sticker to put on their lunch box........(I love it) their parents weren't home when the CO showed up. I volunteered to go to the School Board to speak as an expert witness, as I have witnessed both Grizzlies and Black Bears in bluff charges and follow through charges......its not something a child would understand............nor would they survive............even with pepper spray.............which unless under the perfect conditions and with a very calm spirit...........isn't "Worth a Shit!" The only way to defend yourself is with a 12 gauge shotgun with slugs or a 44 magnum (my preferred choice) and know how to defend yourself; know the signs of an aggressive bear and be prepared. We were certified to carry when I worked as a Forest Officer in North Western BC and had to pass a course yearly. When I returned to Ontario in 2002 I guided and baited 61 bear Baits a day in Temagami, so don't think that I have no experience.......believe me, I've seen it all. Bear Management in Ontario is way out of wack..........the Ministry is going down a road that will result in not only people getting hurt, killed or maimed, but is also contributing to increased killings of calf moose ............it needs serious study, by people who know what they're talking about, not knee jerk reactions to anti's or non hunters. Rant all you want it's fact..........if you don't like it..........I hope you never run into an aggressive bear......and if you do...you better be prepared........and cell phones don't necessarily work everywhere..............you may be on your own!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Need I say More?

Ministry of Natural Resources
Field Services Division, Bracebridge Area
Position Title:
Bear Technician
1 Seasonal Recurring contract up to 5 months with possibility of extension
1350 High Falls Road, Bracebridge, P1L 1W9, Central Region
Compensation Group:
$21.66 - $23.37 (MplusM) per hour*
Position Status:
Job Code:
41104 - Resource Technician 3
Lands and Resources
Job ID:
Challenge and variety can be yours when you join the Ministry of Natural Resources` Bear Wise program in the Bracebridge Area office. As a highly motivated and outgoing individual, you will implement, administer, monitor and audit the Bear Wise program. In addition, you will provide education regarding problem bear reporting, response, prevention and awareness.
Duties include: conducting operational field programs including activities such as carrying out site inspections and field surveys; ensuring client (e,g, Bear Wise contractors, and other stakeholders) compliance with specific natural resources management acts, regulations and related Ministry policies and guidelines; provide leadership to assigned students and staff on behalf of supervisor; gathering, assembling and compiling technical information for databases and reports to make recommendations.This position requires working in all types of weather conditions.
Qualifications:demonstrated experience, knowledge and understanding of resource management practices and understanding of legislation with emphasis on the Bear Wise program; Demonstrated experience in performing field technical activities and compiling technical information (e.g. Bear Hazard inspection/assessment, Bear trap and transfer) for data bases, preparing reports and making recommendations on related matters (e.g. effective solutions to human-bear conflicts / determining bear aversion tactics); demonstrated leadership, presentation, interpersonal, and communication skills; good planning, coordinating analytical and problem-solving skills; computer skills in a variety of applications related to resource management; ability to do field work and operate and maintain equipment, working knowledge of the Occupational Health and Safety Act; valid drivers licence to conduct field work.
Posting Date:Thursday, April 23, 2009
Closing Date:Thursday, May 07, 2009
Applications must be received by the end of the closing date with the Job ID number quoted.
Apply onlineor send application to:
Applications are accepted online only. As an equal opportunity employer, the OPS will provide employment accommodation if required. Contact the Regional Recruitment Centre at1-866-260-0612, Ontario, CANADAFax: Faxes are not accepted at this time.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ministry Of Natural Resources (No Results)

So....whats your opinion on the Ministry of "No Results"? So far over the last 20 years our forests have been decimated due to mismanagement, our bear management is totally out to lunch, our lakes are no longer being stocked, (slot sizes) new fisheries management zones, no staff on the ground to collect the data to make sound decisions....policy......., new moose management policy...meetings..........public input.....give your head a shake boys....they haven't got a flipping clue about our natural resources. Now lets bring into the swing of things......Species at Risk.........I'm waiting for the Ministry to finally acknowledge that there are "Native" populations of cougars in Ontario. Look out..........now they will have to come up with a management policy to address this............because they are "A species at risk" . Ok, I could go on for pages and pages......I've been employed in the natural resource field for over 25 years and it all makes me sick.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Rainbows at Hampton

Took some photos of some rainbows trying to jump the barrier in Hampton. Lots of nice sized fish; I'm sure the local anglers are anxiously awaiting opening day. The size of the fish is truly amazing.


This past weekend I spent up north at my parents property cutting firewood. Saturday wasn't the nicest day , however any day spent in the bush is better than a day spent behind a desk. It was a nice get away, lots of sign; moose, deer, and even happened upon a bear den.....with lots of steam coming from its depths. The winds in the fall and over the winter provided more than enough downed wood for a weekend of cutting. We didn't stress ourselves too hard, but still managed to cut a fair amount of wood.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

ATV Log Hauler

For anyone looking for a good log hauler for behind their ATV, check this out. I have provided a direct link to a video of the ATV log Hauler (arch) and if you watch the video (click on the title of this post)there are some other products you may find useful. I have purchsed one of these, and it works great.Its made by Norwood Industries.

Deer have faired well........

Easter weekend gave me the opportunity to observe some deer up at our farm. The antics of some of the does butting their fawns, raising their legs towards one another, it was hilarious. They truly are amazing animals to observe as they interact, and respond to even the most distant noises.

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