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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Moose Hunting 2010

Well my 2010 moose hunting season has come and gone. It was a beautiful week, fairly mild temperatures, not too much rain, full moon, and crisp mornings. It felt good to get out and experience the bush, spend time with family friends and fellow hunters. Although we weren't successful, I did have an encounter with an eleven point buck that was priceless. I had just arrived at my stand for the morning and noticed a fresh deer bed right where I was going to stand. Within minutes I caught a nose coming around a large Hemlock to my left, I remained motionless and this huge Whitetail emerged broadside at 15 yards. he was dark, huge, and had a sticker tine about 8 inches off his left side. He very cautiously continued to get closer; all of a sudden he stopped and looked directly at me, he knew there was something there, he just couldn't figure out what it was, he dropped his head and quickly raised it again trying to catch me. We played this game for about five minutes, I never moved. At the closest point he was 10vyards away, this moment made my hunt, even though I never saw a moose. It's great to experience such a magnificent animal in his domain.

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