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Monday, February 28, 2011

Looking For Sporting Goods Products To Review...

Outdoors Ontario is looking for products to use, review and evaluate after using them like they were intended to be used. We will provide accurate true unbiased reviews and will work directly with the owner/distributor/manufacturer ensuring that your review receives a fair evaluation. If you have a product you would like real outdoorsmen or outdoorswomen to use and review and report back to our following, contact us by e-mail. We hunt, fish, camp, hike, carve, canoe, boat, travel, cook, photograph and many things in between. We will only accept your product for review knowing that we can provide you with an accurate and fair evaluation. We will not post any article regarding a product until we have discussed our findings and received permission to do so. So if you would like Outdoors Ontario to review a product and post our evaluation to our followers please contact us a outdoorsontario@gmail.com

thank you

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