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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Looking for A Pest Control Company?

Looking for a reputable company to remove your nuisance wildlife, bird or pest from your property. Give EEKO WILDLIFE SOLUTIONS a call at (289)-387-4685

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

ATV Snow Ploughs

If you've got a quad and haven't yet purchased a plough for it......do it now! I waited and shovelled, and worked my ass off for two years first, then I bought a Click and Go 2. This is the best damned purchase I've ever made. I can now do my driveway which is fairly large due to parking for four cars, a bus etc. in a very short time and without killing myself. This plough may cost a little more but is front mounted, hooks up to your winch and is easy to take on and off. The feature I like the most is the ability to lift the blade 16 inches off the ground, this allows me to push snow up into high piles. Ive got mine mounted on a Suzuki 450 AXI and have had no problems pushing snow up to the top of the blade. The other nice feature is you can angle the blade to the left or right.

Leatherman Multi Tool

A Leatherman Multi tool must have for any outdoors person, male or female. I've carried one on my belt for over 20 years. It goes with me everywhere, and has saved me while on the job as a Forestry Technician in Northern BC, removed numerous fish hooks from fish, gutted deer, moose, ducks, fish, cut wire, worked on motors, removed screws, tightened screws. It truly is a remarkable tool. When I'm at work ,o r out fishing other people come to me to borrow it constantly. My only question is , "Why doesn't everyone carry one?" Pick one up at your local sporting goods store; you'll be glad you did, oh and they are guaranteed for life!

Whats Your Secret Bass Lure or Technique?

Bass fishing is one of those things that can be a non stop catch and release experience or one of those days when you cant seem to buy a fish. Here are some suggestions to help you increase your odds of catching fish. Calm water back bays are always a good bet, around docks, overhanging trees stumps or structure along shore, around islands or rock structure. Another thing is time of day, Bass like early evening right up to and past dark, this is when they come into shore from the deeper water and weed beds to feed along shore. As for tackle, I love top water, but sometimes they won't go for topwater, so switch to a texas rigged 5" black plastic workm and work along the shore, no weight, just let the worm sink to the bottom and work towards the boat...this is a deadly technique, and works really well to get those larger bass in your boat. Good luck!

Turkey Season Is Coming....

Turkey season is around the corner, well its definitely coming. What are your go to ammunition/choke tube suggestions. I for one love the Winchester Long Beard XR loads. You don't have to use a turkey choke with these shells, however you still can. These shells deliver twice the number of pellets in a 12 inch circle up to 60 yards. Check out Winchester Long Beard XR shells the next time you go to buy some ammunition; you won't be disappointed.

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