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Sunday, February 17, 2008

White Tube Jigs For Lakers

I read an article on using white tube jigs for Lake Trout and never really gave it anymore thought until one day last July while fishing for Bass. We were fishing the shoreline of a lake which had lots of rock outcroppings and nearshore structure tapering off quite quickly to over 20 feet in depth. My fishing partner flipped a white tube jig in towards shore bouncing it off a rock face and working it down into the depths. All of a sudden I hear "Damned I'm stuck on bottom". I looked up and noticed that unless bottom swims it appeared as though the line was swimming away from the boat. I said give your line a good shot.........which they did; to both our surprises the so called swimming bottom turned out to be a 6 pound Lake Trout. It absolutley engulfed that white tube jig. So needless to say I now use tube jigs for Walleye, Bass Lake Trout and Muskie. They are an awesome lure and seem to attract a variety of species.

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