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Friday, December 5, 2008

Cougars In Ontario

With all the attention/discussion/rumors etc. regarding cougar sightings in Ontario. I thought I would post this article. Rumor has it that the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources actually released some cougars into the wild to help control the deer population. Now don't get too excited, if you can confirm or deny this rumor...please by all means lets get it out in the open. Now further to my last statement, I have had conversations, read news articles about actual sightings and photos, tracks etc. If you have information with actual photos, sightings etc. I'd be glad to post the information here on my blog as well as on my website. If you have confirmation/documentation regarding the OMNR releasing cougars, I'd definately like to see that too. If I receive any responses, I'll definately post them here. Feel free to leave your comments. The cougar in the photo was from British Columbia and was shot as it had killed two horses.


Rick said...

Hi: The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR)has never released cougars in Ontario. I am leading a research program that has been initiated by MNR to determine the origin and genotype of cougars in Ontario. For more information you can contact me at the address/e-mail/phone below.

Rick Rosatte, PhD
Senior Research Scientist
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
Wildlife Research & Development Section
Trent University, DNA Building
2140 East Bank Dr
Peterborough, Ontario, K9J 7B8
phone 705 755-2280 e-mail rick.rosatte@ontario.ca

admin said...

thanks for your response Rick, hopefully that will put the rumors to rest. I look forward to the results of your research.

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