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Friday, January 18, 2008

Innocent Bystander Shot In Toronto....Ban All Handguns

"I think it's time for every member of Parliament in this country to act," Mr. Miller said at a noon-hour news conference.
"Handguns kill people. They kill people who aren't involved. They're used to kill family members. And I don't think it is acceptable any more to have these loopholes in the law that allow so-called collectors to have them."

Come on Mr. Miller let's get a grip on reality. The problem is not all of the legally registered handguns; nor is it all the registered long-guns. The gun registry has proven to be the most expensive blunder to date; in fact if all the money spent on the gun registry had been spent on dealing with the real issues maybe just maybe I wouldn't have to be responding to your absurd comments.The problem Mr. Miller if you would open your mind is a social problem, a problem with the courts, a problem with the government in failing to step up to the plate and take action on violent criminals, violent acts and overhaul the youth justice system. I have been attacked in your so called "Safe City" by thugs, seven of them in fact who have continually harassed neighbors, visitors, children and the elderly. Yes I can refer to them as thugs, in fact "Drug Dealers", who openly deal drugs, use drugs and who are known to the police. In fact when I phoned the police that night, two officers attended; I was informed that not only are they known to police, but the police in your "Safe City" regularly have handguns drawn on them when they enter places of business and are required to back off until the "Swat team" arrives. By this time the "Thugs" have left via a back door. I for one Mr. Miller know the facts, and I'm hoping that you also know the facts, so get off your bureaucratic publicity campaign, and address the real issues and stop blaming law abiding Canadians for these terrible incidents. My thoughts go out to the families affected by these thoughtless crimes.


Editor said...

good looking blog and a good post.
Luckily the one thing we do not have in Mississippi is beaurecrats trying to take our guns away.

admin said...

Yeh it's a typical knee jerk reaction to a problem that our government doesn't want to address. England and Australia have both banned handguns and their incidents of handgun crimes have gone up dramatically since implimentation of these absurd attempts at correcting a problem which has little to do with law abiding gun owners.Smuggling of handguns will never stop, gang violence is on the increase, lack of respect for human life is rampant, and beaurocrats saying things to the public to make it seem like they are addressing the prblem will never stop.thanks for the comment

Othmar Vohringer said...

Good article you say it the way we all feel here in Canada. I have posted today an article about this issue on my blog too.

Keep the good work up.


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