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Friday, July 4, 2008

Maps of Lakes

The Anglers Atlas has some good maps, info and photos. Sign up for an account and do a search for the lake you are going to be heading to, they may have it they may not, I found the one I'm fishing this week. All free and the detail and information they provide isn't that bad. Check it out http://www.anglersatlas.com


Tom Sorenson said...

Awesome - a great idea! I wonder if any have been made of U.S. lakes? I'll have to research that one.

Blessed said...


You've been selected to be spotlighted on the OBS Bloggers Spotlight. I've emailed you some questions will you please let me know if you haven't received them yet?

Just drop a comment on my blog or shoot me an email at crazydogcreative [at] gmail [dot] come.

ankur said...

Congrats tom . btw what you did , that you are getting this special mention here ?


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