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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Anglers Atlas

HIGH ON ICE Bundle up and head to Fort St. John, BC for the annual “High on Ice” winter festival and ice fishing derby. Watch extraordinary international ice carvers carve their masterpieces at the fifth annual event! It’s a fun filled weekend of entertainment, activities, dancing, an ice cafe and of course - an ice fishing derby on Inga Lake! On January 17 and 18, 2009, Inga Lake will be the site of the High on Ice Fishing Derby. Head out to Inga Lake for fun, prizes and some great fishing. You can pre-register at Backcountry Sports in Fort St. John, or register at Inga Lake itself during the event. Entry is free and prizes will be awarded in different categories for kids 16 and under, and adults. Bring your own gear and fish from dawn to dusk on Saturday, and dawn to 2:00pm on Sunday. Inga Lake is a great family fishing spot. There are plenty of shore casting opportunities in the summer, and catch rates are high. Inga Lake has been designated one of the Family Fishing Waters in the BC Freshwater Fishing Regulations. Young anglers may have good luck using small lures baited with worms or maggots. Standard flies such as microleeches and doc spratleys tend to do well in the lake. Each year the lake is stocked with 10,000 rainbow trout, usually released in June. Historically, the lake had been stocked with brook trout, however this was not continued beyond 1996.

Splease visit our sponsorsBackcountry, Fort St. John, BC. Jackfish Dundees Pub, Charlie Lake, BC.

Welcome to Backcountry in Fort St. JohnGear up for the 2009 “High on Ice” fishing derby, at Backcountry in Fort St. John, BC. The event is free to attend and anyone can pre-register for the event at the store. Backcountry is one of BC’s largest hunting, fishing and outdoor supply stores. http://www.backcountryfsj.com/

There are several popular lakes around Prince George for Ice Fishing. Here are three popular lakes: Eena Lake, Cobb Lake, and Tabor Lake. Don't forget that Ferguson Lake was stocked with one to pound rainbow trout in June and September, 2008. Keep watching the Angler's Atlas this spring as we continue to feature fishing opportunities in this region. For detailed information about fishing this region, drop by Northern Hardware and talk to Dan Moffat.

Northern Hardware and Ice FishingVisit Northern Hardware’s new website, and check out their fishing page. Better yet, come by the store and talk to Dan Moffat for all your ice fishing needs - rods for entry level to professional anglers, gas powered augers, jigs, hooks and lures galore… They have everything you need for your ice fishing adventure.

More than 200,000 waterbodies in the United States have just been added to the Atlas database, and topographic maps are available for most of them. Visit our Map Search page to find a US lake, reservoir or dam.

http://www.coldwaterbootcamp.com/ – Most of the water in Canada is cold year round and cold water is a major contributor to recreational drowning deaths. Nine volunteers offered to jump in with both feet and experience first hand what happens in 6 degree Celsius water. Visit the website and join Dr. Gordon Giesbrecht (aka Professor Popsicle) in the classroom to learn about his 1-10-1 formula for survival in cold water. The video featured here is titled The First 60 Seconds, and there are five videos in the series. All are freely available online at www.coldwaterbootcamp.com/pages/downloads.html. Boot Campers - Who were they? The volunteer Boot Campers came from across Canada and were chosen because of their excellent health, involvement in rigorous outdoor physical activities whether recreationally or professionally, and an expectation of their survivability in cold water.

We’ve received many great photos for the 2009 contest, and below are a few of the entries. Click to see all the photos entered. Better yet, enter your favorite fishing photo today!
sabiangler - This is the main put in on the north western side of the lake, difficult launching area because large rocks are in fairly deep water. I discovered a better put in a little to the south on the other side of the point you can see in this picture.
tyleruzelman - Caught this picture when we went fishing at Mound Red just South of Edmonton.
blairwood2001 - This golden Chinook measured out to 42 lb. Another beauty from the Charlottes.
dickiderm - This bruiser was caught and released from an unknown lake north of Haynes Junction, Yukon, summer 2006. We’ve received many great photos for the 2009 contest. Here are a few of the images provided. Enter your favorite fishing photo today!

Alberta’s Yellowhead County - Eastern Slopes Zone ES4 B.C.’s Peace Region - Region 7B

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Early Winter Steelhead...BC Style

Rivers like the Bulkley, Kispiox, Bell Irving, Kitimat can yield some awesome steelhead fishing. I think the photo says it all.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bow Moose Hunting

Now this guy has a lot of courage, I'm not sure I could stand there for that long..........never mind not laughing my ass off.......

Friday, December 5, 2008

Cougars In Ontario

With all the attention/discussion/rumors etc. regarding cougar sightings in Ontario. I thought I would post this article. Rumor has it that the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources actually released some cougars into the wild to help control the deer population. Now don't get too excited, if you can confirm or deny this rumor...please by all means lets get it out in the open. Now further to my last statement, I have had conversations, read news articles about actual sightings and photos, tracks etc. If you have information with actual photos, sightings etc. I'd be glad to post the information here on my blog as well as on my website. If you have confirmation/documentation regarding the OMNR releasing cougars, I'd definately like to see that too. If I receive any responses, I'll definately post them here. Feel free to leave your comments. The cougar in the photo was from British Columbia and was shot as it had killed two horses.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Vote of No Confidence

The latest political BS coming from Ottawa. Do you believe it...............? This isn't really the forum, but I had to speak up, The Liberals, NDP and Bloc think they can do a better job than Prime Minister Harper. Give your flippin head a shake boys...........I hope you picked up the paper and observed the first reaction from the stock markets. Didn't we just have an election and Harper got back in with a slightly higher minority than last time. You try and pull this crap and we'll all be using pesos and standing in bread lines. This kind of crap iritates the shit out of me. I say hold another election, and we'll put Harper in with a MAJORITY..........its not up to the leaders of the opposition as to who is going to Govern this Country it's up to the people..............so if you want to take your vote, send us back to the polls. That is if you want to risk Harper taking a majority vote this time.

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