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Friday, December 4, 2009

Stihl Chainsaws now have a Deer call Model......called the 034"D" for deer

Well this was one of those hunts that you hear about but don't always experience. We were out cutting firewood, I was running the saw dropping a standing dead Cherry. I turned around and noticed the two guys I was with...........they were standing on the trail about fifty feet away. I noticed one of them down removing his gun from his guncase on the back of the quad. I'm thinking what the heck are they doing, this is no time to sight in your gun. I keep cutting up firewood..............bang! Ok; I shut the saw off and say "What the hell are you guys shootin at?" Their answer......."A deer.....a buck in fact" This buck came trotting right down the trail towards them and wasn't even aware of them, and not at the least scared by the saw. What a marketing slogan............"Our saws attract deer!"

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