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Monday, February 28, 2011

Logging Arch for ATV's

I've previously posted articles on the logging arch by Norwood Industries and have noticed the interest from all over North America and beyond. I thought it was only right to post yet another article on this logging Arch for ATV's. This thing is a brute, if you're disappointed in it's abilities you must be trying to haul giant redwoods. Seriously folks this is one awesome piece of equipment, I have nothing bad to say about it, the only limitations are the power and gripping ability of your tires on you're quad. During March I will be dropping approximately sixty 26 foot red pine for my log cabin, and I already know that the logging arch will probably be pulling two logs at a time; each tree being approximately 20 inches at the butt and 26 feet long. Now how can you complain about that............and that's with a 400 Outlander Quad. So if you are still wondering....................Don't! Oh and no I don't work for nor am I sponsored by Norwood Industries.........yet!

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