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Monday, February 29, 2016

Easthill Outdoors

Are you looking for an awesome outdoors store, offering, hunting and fishing equipment. If you are going to the cottage in the Muskoka's or travelling up the 35/115 be sure to stop in and check this store out. They carry firearms, bows, fishing equipment, tackle, clothing, under armour, hunting and fishing clothing, boots, and more. They also have indoor shooting ranges for bows. be sure to check them out. They carry Beretta, Browning, Winchester, Savage, Benelli, Ruger, Hoyt, Mission, Matthews, PSE, Bear to name just a few.

Are you in the market for a new boat? I'm thinking Princecraft....

I've owned a Princecraft boat for over 20 years, and have had a lifetime of memories in that boat. It is only a 14ft and I bought it used in British Columbia. I've been in the Pacific Ocean with it and fished so many lakes in both BC and Ontario I can't even remember all their names. What I love about Princecraft boats is the quality of the boats, their quick ability to get up on plane and their retention of value. Its come time to possibly upgrade to a larger boat with a few more features and a better level of comfort, as well as being able to take more people and fish and explore this wonderful Provinces waterways. I'm looking at possibly the Amarok pictured below but haven't committed to this boat. I'm thinking a new Princecraft is coming to a lake near me....lol

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Browning Dirty Bird Knife

If you're looking for a good little knife for either hunting or fishing this is one well constructed knife, and holds a very sharp edge. It is available in both a fixed blade and a folder. I use mine constantly for everything.

Leupold 1.25-4.0 VX-R rifle scope....

The leupold VX-R 1.25 -4.0 fibre optic red dot scope, with adjustable intensity is one awesome little scope. Most hunters go with a 3-9 scope, but what they forget to consider is when hunting deer, bear or moose in Ontario a lot of your shots are under 100 yards. With the lower number and the fibre optic redicle it allows for quick target acquisition and no need to find your cross hairs in low light situations. Just put the dot on the animal and pull the trigger. With the zoom to 4.0 this allows easy target acquisition up to at least 200 yards; what more do you need? This is one awesome scope, with excellent eye relief, clarity is amazing, and guaranteed for life. Check it out at your local Sail Store in Ontario, they retail for around $859.00

Tikka T3 Battue...An excellent gun for Deer and Moose hunting in Ontario

The Tikka T3 Battue is an excellent gun for hunting in Ontario. This gun is made for quick target aquisition and is short, light and an awesome go to choice; especially if you want a gun with open sights. It sports a long rear sight with fibre optic sights on either side of the rear sight, and a fibre optic hooded front sight. The gun is available in either a wood or synthetic stock, and my personal choice would be .308 I would have no problems carrying this and confidently making shots up to 150 yards, which covers off most of the situations you will come across in Ontario. They retail for about $859.00 and can be purchased at Sail stores in Ontario.

Here's a novel idea.....

If the Liberal Government in Ontario is serious about reducing global warming how about you take some of that money you will collect through the "Carbon Tax " on fuel and cut a cheque to property owners who maintain large acreages of forest, wetlands and in general green space. Give them an incentive to continue to be the stewards of these properties, give them rebates to plant more trees....to offset the Carbon Footprint" you are creating in the City of Toronto.

Spring Black Bear Hunting In Ontario

Well finally the Ministry of Natural Resources has come to their senses. It only took an overwhelming number of human/bear conflicts, cottages being broken into, who knows how many calf moose being predated before they woke up. We own 500 acres in northern Ontario, 30 years ago we never saw bears nor did we see any sign of bears. They were there just not the numbers we currently have. Our moose population was very healthy but gradually over 20 years that population has dropped off also, lots of cows and bulls but not that many calves. In order to manage populations of wildlife, you first need to have accurate information on populations, and you also need to realize what is adversely impacting those populations. I might also add that the decline in moose population is not directly linked to hunting as being successful for an adult tag is virtually impossible. So the ministry continues to issue calf tags, in order to continue to collect revenue. This on top of black bear predation on moose calves leaves minimal success of calf moose to reach adulthood. Lets hope that better management of our natural resources starts to occur in the near future.

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